Database Administration

We offer expertise in many different areas of SQL Administration that can help your organization fully plan and utilize your existing and future SQL solutions.
  1. SQL Configuration & Installation
    Starting out with SQL can get complicated. Current and future plans for the server or servers being created usually require special configuration and installation considerations.
  2. Performance Tuning
    Not all queries are created equal. Reviewing the execution plans is only the beginning of understanding the reasons for slow or blocking queries. We have tools and personnel with the experience to improve even the slowest of process you may have.
  3. Security Audits
    Who has access to your data? What has changed with your data and who has the access to change it? Our team can help you keep a handle on the proper level of access required to keep your environment secure.
  4. Automation
    Utilizing SQL Agent and other tools to organize workloads and process to remove manual intervention.
  5. Monitoring
    SWD offers services that allow us to monitor your SQL environment to ensure your users rarely experience sluggishness or deadlocks. Usually we know there is a problem before users report it.
  6. Scheduled Maintenance
    Regular maintenance schedules and automated process can be utilized to ensure constant up time for your SQL environment.
  7. Backups
    Designing the right backup schedule is essential to ensuring a fully recoverable environment. Each SQL instance and application requires different considerations for backups. We offer many solutions that will save you in more ways than one.
  8. Disaster Recovery
    Our team can advise and configure a disaster recovery plan that will ensure your organization can recover in short order.
  9. High Availability
    Using SQL High Availability, our team can help ensure that the SQL environment is highly available across one or many data centers.

Service Agreements

We also offer service agreements for the administration of your SQL environment on a monthly and annual basis.  This service should allow you to eliminate the need for expensive full-time personnel.
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