Computer Repair

Viruses, Spyware, Software installs, hardware.... you name it.  If your personal device is having issues, give us a call.
  1. On/Off Site Repair
    We offer services that will fit your schedule and your needs. Our technicians can diagnose on-site or pick-up and drop off when services are completed. The choice is yours.
  2. Performance Tuning
    Not all applications and machines are created equal. Reviewing your configuration can help us to determine ways to improve the performance of your machine.
  3. Security Audits
    Who has access to your data? What has changed with your data and who has the access to change it? Our team can help you keep a handle on the proper level of access required to keep your data secure.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance
    Regular maintenance schedules and automated process can be utilized to ensure consistent reliability on your machine.
  5. Backups
    Designing the right backup schedule is essential to ensuring a fully recoverable data. Each application requires different considerations for backups. We offer many solutions that will save you in more ways than one.
  6. Disaster Recovery
    Most disasters are not the end of the world. Give us a chance to recover your system or your pictures and data. There is still hope.
  7. Hardware Support
    Whatever device you use, we can find the right parts at the right price to get you back in business.

Service Agreements

We also offer service agreements for the administration of your SQL environment on a monthly and annual basis.  This service should allow you to eliminate the need for expensive full-time personnel.
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